It’s a Zill Play-Along!

Hey there dancers! I was putting together today’s Daily Bellydance Quickie and thought I’d try something new. Here’s a  “Zill Play-Along” for you to have fun with during your practice.  You will hear me play a pattern, then repeat after me. There’s a metronome going in the background to help you keep a steady pace.

Mahin’s Zill Play-along #1

Depending on your skill and experience level in playing zills, you can use this track in different ways:

Easiest – Sit and play – however, I don’t recommend this unless that’s the only way you can do it just yet.

Easier – Walk in time with the metronome and play.

Not So Easy – Drill basic shapes and isolations while you play.

Challenge – Free dance while you play

I hope you have fun with this – let me know how it goes in the comments below!


11 Responses to “It’s a Zill Play-Along!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Wasn’t able to get it.??????

  2. Moya harvey Says:

    Great idea!! Thanks…;-)

  3. Fotia Says:

    Great idea to get people started on zilling without them being totally intimidated!

  4. saphirenz Says:

    Any development or practice with zills is very worthwhile and I suppose it should necessarily be somewhat challenging. I admit that it is for me . I have to thank you for this facility Your last comment about a possible reduction in the quantity of patterns exercised is good.

  5. Terri Says:

    Wow! What an exciting tool!!!! Love it!

  6. Lorna Says:

    I like this, but because the rhythm is varied, not just a repetitive pattern, it would help me if you could include a visual notation

  7. Naima Says:

    You totally tricked me into playing rings and clacks together by the end. Awesome!

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